Over the years Dr. Rodney Aziz has gone scuba diving on many occasions. He did his initial training in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt. At the bottom of the Red Sea, there are many wrecked sea vessels that can be explored, so it was a fantastic first diving experience. Dr. Aziz’s most memorable diving experience, though, was a Fiji shark dive. He got the chance to swim with nearly forty sharks. Although Dr. Aziz lives in Australia, he has yet to get the chance to dive at the Great Barrier Reef. The amount of tropical fish and the variety of colorful coral present at the Great Barrier Reef are truly breathtaking. While it takes time to learn how to safely scuba dive, Dr. Aziz believes that the process is worth it. Scuba divers get to experience the ocean in remarkable ways.


In addition to scuba diving, Dr. Rodney Aziz enjoys traveling as often as he can. So far, Dr. Aziz has been to every continent except for Antarctica; however, he plans to visit the icy region one day. While traveling from Australia is not always easy, Dr. Aziz has developed many strategies over the years to make any journey more bearable. Ultimately, the strategies come down to one thing: make the experience as comfortable as possible. Dr. Aziz typically travels with his family. As a result, he strives to plan trips that both the adults and the children will equally enjoy. Fortunately, all of his family members enjoy eating local cuisine, so visiting new restaurants is a common vacation activity.

Professional Overview

For over twenty years Dr. Rodney Aziz has worked as a medical professional in Melbourne, Australia. Today he serves as a General Practitioner at Camberwell Junction Medical Centre in Camberwell, Victoria. Dr. Aziz loves getting the opportunity to work with patients of all ages. When a patient has a medical issue, he/she will usually visit a General Practitioner first; therefore, Dr. Aziz must be knowledge of numerous medical conditions so that he can make the proper diagnosis. Dr. Aziz also holds a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery from Melbourne University, and graduated in 1995. After working in Emergency Medicine for many years, in 2007 Dr. Aziz began his Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP). He completed his studies in 2010. This experience strengthened Dr. Aziz’s ability to provide exceptional care to all patients.

While the medical profession has changed a lot since Dr. Aziz graduated in 1995, providing patients with the best care possible has remained the same. Dr. Aziz is committed to his patients, and he looks forward to serving them for many more years to come.