Astonishing Scuba Diving Spots Around The World Dr. Rodney Aziz

Those who become certified scuba divers have the opportunity to experience some of the greatest underwater wonders. There is nothing more thrilling to divers than venturing to see sunken wrecks and places, particularly of those who served in a war and stand as timepieces. Scuba divers revel at the thought of exploring these popular spots because it is the chance to discover lost pieces of history. So, let’s take a look at some of the most astonishing scuba diving spots around the world.


DC-3 Plane Wreck, Aruba

Located in Aruba, the 40-seat DC-3 Plane was said to have been confiscated in the 1980s during a drug bust. It eventually sunk and created an artificial reef. Then, Hurricane Lenny caused the plane to move about 80 feet and split into two pieces. The plane, however, can still be seen in the Sonesta Reef. In addition to the plane wreck, you can also witness angelfish, barracuda, groupers and green moray eels. In 2004, there was a second place added to the artificial reef, and the YS-11 has been the companion to the DC-3.


Dakota DC-3, Turkey

The Dakota DC-3 sunk for the sole purpose of scuba divers pleasure. The WWII transport plane has even become an “underwater playground,” and since 2009, it has been gaining recognition from both travel and adventure seekers as well. As you go through the dive, you will have the chance to swim through the cockpit along with the small interior which allows you to see the parts of a functioning plane that are still intact. You should also beware for the barracuda that loom in the shadows along with other small school fish swimming around.


S.S Thistlegorm, Red Sea

They say that the S.S Thistlegrom sank after the German attack in 1941; a decade later, the ship was rediscovered. After spending many years at the bottom of the ocean, the natural corrosion began to set it which took the ship apart slowly. There are other objects within the ship that divers can see like motorcycles and artillery that are located within the interior. Frequent divers have said that it’s best to the do the dive in parts because the wreck is so big. Some of the fish species you can find around the wreck are barracuda, batfish, and soldierfish.


The Jake Seaplane, Palau

The Jake Seaplane is also known as Aichi E13A-1 and is a three-person Japanese plane that was part of WWII and found soon after the war ended in 1944. Many have said that the plane was one of the sixty Japanese planes that sunk during the war, however, it was one of the few that was lucky to remain intact upon impact. It is said that the wreck looks incredible during both day and night and one of the advantages of diving the wreck during the day is the chance to see fallen and lost artifacts in and around the seaplane. You can also find mandarin fish, parrot fish, reef sharks, and scorpion fish along with other marvels in the Koror area.