Tips for Diving With Sharks by Dr. Rodney Aziz

Sharks, unfortunately, suffer from media misinformation. They are typically characterized as dangerous killers. The truth is, they are actually very reserved and causes about approaching divers. So, the risk of harm due to a shark encounter is surprisingly low. However, you should still employ best safety practices if you want to minimize the risk even further. So, let’s take a look at some of the best tops for diving with sharks and how to have safe and enjoyable interactions.


Safety in Numbers

Most shark species are ambush predators; however, when they are investigating novel objects, they prefer to remain unseen in order to maintain their safety and advantage. When they know they are being watched, it can discourage them from coming too close unexpectedly. So, the best way to ensure this happens is by diving in a group. Doing so will make certain that are always eyes looking for sharks and monitoring sharks’ and divers’ behavior.


The Timing of Your Dive

Another great practice is to avoid diving at dawn and dusk because these are the prime hunting times for many types of sharks. You also want to avoid diving into murky waters at all costs. If the shark is unable to see you clearly, there is an increased risk of the shark mistaken you for food, or you might surprise the shark causing it to react in a defensive manner.


Watch What You Wear

You want to be sure that you are wearing the right gear. Make sure you are wearing a mask, fin, and snorkel along with a wetsuit when you are diving with sharks. The mask will allow you to see any sharks and the fins and snorkel give you the ability to swim calmly and efficiently. The wetsuit will give you protection in the event a shark bumps into you. However, you want to avoid wearing brightly colored diving equipment as sharks are known to be color-blind. However, they are attracted to colors that contrast with the background. Yellow, in particular, is attractive to sharks as it is called the “yum yum” color.


Avoid Marine Mammal Colonies

You also want to make sure you are avoiding diving around marine mammal colonies especially if you are around large shark species who feed on such mammals. It is possible that while the shark is hunting, they may mistake you for a seal or even view you as competition for their food source. So, you want to respect their territory and avoid diving near a wild animal while a shark is feeding or hunting.